The Giano Tug

BV INTERSHITRA S&P is pleased to have been appointed by Purple Water Ltd., a towing and ship design company operating from Geneva-Switzerland and London-UK, as their “sole and exclusive” brokers for Northern Europe, Africa, Middle East/Arabian Gulf, Far East and Australia/New Zealand to market the shipyard licensing and construction of a new patented design, double-ended, double hull Tug GIANO®. 

This compact Tug has an innovative high displacement tunnel hull form, two large structural keels a and a straight-line controllable pitch thruster configuration designed and built solely for ship handing. With the intuitive in-line handling controls, the Tug can produce 55 tonnes (respectively 70 tonnes for the 32m loa version) of bollard thrust and pull in all directions at full power with true 360 degree manoeuvrability, while maintaining a 0 degree list - plus a side-stepping speed of 7kn – from full ahead to full speed sideways in 10 seconds. 

Demonstration of the Giano® Tug