The Giano Tug Details

The Tug works equally well from the bow or stern, is fitted with 75 T escort winches fore & aft, and reportedly has the highest stability numbers of any escort Tug afloat, not only in his 24 m Compact class, but also of the 32 m Escort terminal class.  Two separate engine rooms, a separate generator room and a double hull with integral “W” heavy duty fendering  and the patented underwater fenders provide a high level of safety, and allow the Tug the unique capacity to side thrust and push at full power without listing, while assisting vessels in confined spaces, something that no other tug afloat is able to do. GIANO Tug design is  patented over  40 countries.  

After four (4) years of intensive research and development, the first tug of this class, the 25.75m x 13.02m x 5.20m depth /5.30m “GIANO” was built by Guangdong Bonny Fair Heavy Industry, Ltd. for Purple Water Ltd. “GIANO” is powered by twin 1,678kW CAT 3512C-HD diesels developing a total power of 4,562HP at 1,800RPM. A Schottel SRP-3000 azimuthing drive with a controllable pitch prop is mounted in a straight line at each end, with the tunnel hull specifically designed eliminate propeller interference. Topside access and ultra-short shaft lines allow for main engine removal in a few hours. The U.K. flagged “GIANO”  is classed LR +100A1, Escort Tug, FiFi-1 (2,400m3/h) with water spray, Unrestricted – MCA WB Area 1 (up to 150 miles from safe haven). While “GIANO” has a 55 tonne bollard pull, the unified design allows for 55 tonnes and 70 tonnes bollard pull versions to be built. 

“GIANO Tug” is now available for you i.e. Owners and/or their experienced skippers, for inspection and enjoying a “hands-on” demonstration of the Tug. The Owner’s crew and the ship designer are at your disposal to demonstrate the Tug’s excellent capabilities and unique manoeuvrability and stability in Italy, Venice or at Ravenna’s Rosetti Marino Spa the newly appointed licensed Shipyard.

Please fill-out the form attached hereto and we, BV INTERSHITRA S&P, will get back to you soonest possible with the possibilities for inspection and/or demonstration of the Tug.

Meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information.